Vegan Honey: Honey without Bees, the Dandelion Honey

Not to mention the honey substitutes, such as maple syrup, agave juice and the various malts out there, there is an old alternative to honey.

It ‘s a non-honey made ​​from dandelion (Taraxacum officinale, family of Asteraceae), a weed known in the plains and mountains of Northern Italy.

The vegan honey recipe is simple and generally involves the use of only three ingredients: water, sugar and dandelion. Some also add lemon or cloves, but they are optional.


The dandelion blooms in spring and its yellow flowers are picked by hand and without the stem, then left to dry in the shade for two days, allowing them to drain without drying.

It should then be taken off the green part in every flower, in order to have only the yellow petals, used for the honey recipe.


100 grams of dandelion petals
200 grams of sugar
400 grams of water

Preparation time:

Two days to dry flowers + 2 hours

Kilocalories per serving:

about 300 kcal

Grado di Difficoltà:


Gather the petals in a saucepan.

Now add the sugar and the water in the indicated doses and put it on low heat.

Let it cook for at least 40-45 minutes, stirring with patience.

Lead to cooling and then filter all.

Put on the fire again, until the mixture reaches the desired consistency: approximately 15-20 minutes.

Pay attention because everything will harden as it cools.

Take a test: pour a small amount of dandelion honey on a saucer, tilting, and see if it slips slowly, as if it were glue.

dandelion honey

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