Piedmont Highway and Olona Valley

I live above the Piedmont Highway. Really.

There is a stretch of this highway passing almost under my house, across the stretch of Valle Olona that goes from Gorla to Solbiate.

One of the reasons I like the area where I live with Porso is that, in fact, a few steps from my home there’s a nice walk that runs along the whole Olona river.

Although the river has never been an example of pure Alpine water, it was still possible to take long walks in the woods or, for the more adventurous, to go for a wonderful bike ride.

A few months ago, taking advantage of the beautiful spring

Dani: “beautiful spring !?”
Me: “Well, come on, it was a beautiful spring”
Dani: “…”
Me: “oh by, it was four years since I put my nose out of the studio, even if we were in India, with the monsoon, it would have seemed a wonderful spring to me!”

– we’ve had around here, I got into the habit of doing a few miles on foot down in the Valley (usually, while panting between ascents and descents, took place the most important phone-meetings that decided the fate of this same site: brava Dany who could decode my talks between a gasp and another!).
I was used to be able to reach, always through the pedestrian-cycle path, from a village to another, without solution of continuity.

Imagine the face I made when, trying to get to Olgiate, I found myself practically inside the construction of the tunnel which I guess starting from Varese and emerging here.

pedemontana lombarda valle olona

It’s really weird being in front of such huge artifacts, which we usually travel at great speed in a car, without having any of these filters.

Some time ago, I searched for information and I saw that some ancillary works were expected for environmental restoration (or rather, to repair damages).

Because, actually, we can say that they have practically turned upside down pieces of territory.

Restricting to my little area, I saw that some jobs (in concrete, etc.), once their function was over, have been removed and the areas restored. But I do not know if everywhere will be the same.

I also believe, as I know the stretch of the A4 highway that goes from Milan to Agrate, that an alternative was needed to get to Bergamo.

But here, too: recently you can hear news about the fact that this Pedelombarda will never arrive to Bergamo (usual lack of funds).


It seems they should soon open the first sections, just in my area. And my bike ride to go to the studio just comes by a lovely country road, where now stand disturbing highway signs, to foreshadow one of the outputs of the Pede (as I call it in confidence): if they ruin my cycle route, after the effort I made to get my ass off the comfortable and soft car seat, I could return hear to talk about this subject in far less diplomatic tones.

What do you think about that? How do you live the places gutted under the banner of public works? Are you interested in this topic? Do you want technical details? If anyone is interested, we can take advantage of the urban planner who lives in Dany’s mind and beats his fists to get out!

valle olona fagnanovalle olona fagnanopedemontana lombarda valle olonavalle olonavalle olonapedelombardavalle olonapercorso ciclo pedonale valle olona

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