In an italian pantry, with also a look at other cuisines, usually never fail:

tortini vegan con cuore morbido di cioccolato fondente

Vegan Cupcakes With a Melting Dark Chocolate Heart

Italian recipe of the famous vegan cupcakes with a melting dark chocolate heart. They will bewitch even those who do not like sweets!View full post »

Palm Oil: Veg But Not Vegan – Is It Bad?

Palm oil is a vegetable but not a vegan oil: is it bad for health and environment?View full post »


Dried Fruit: Pistachios

Pistachios. Who does not know them and especially not love them? Here you are some nutritional information.View full post »

cipolla rossa tropea igp

IGP Tropea red onion

IGP Tropea Red onion: use in the kitchen, characteristics, beneficial effects and side effects, curiosities and an ode by the great poet Pablo Neruda.View full post »

pasta madre sourdough bread

How to start with the Sourdough bread

Sourdough is an ancient yeast that can be liquid or solid and that our grandmothers used to bake bread, buns, pizzas, cakes and pies.View full post »

curcuma longa


Turmeric is a spice known for its beneficial and healing properties, used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It’s widely used in kitchen, above all as an ingredient of masala or curry.View full post »

quinoa recipes

Quinoa, a Super Food

Quinoa is a super food full of the nine essential amino acids, highly nutritious and not belonging to the family of cereals, gluten-free.View full post »