Mollito: about Italian animal welfare

First of all, the important info:

If you are in Italy and you find an injured animal on the road or if you see a car hitting a cat, a dog or any other pet or animal, you need to call one of these authorities:

– local police, officers (you need to search “polizia municipale + name of the place you are in” on google)
– police: 113
– carabinieri: 112
– finance police: 117
– fire department: 115
– port captaincy, USL veterinary services, veterinary offices of health government department, national canine registry
– state forest rangers (if it’s about wild animals): 1515

These authorities and/or medical services are obligated to respond to your calling to help/rescue/verify the animal’s conditions: otherwise they incur in serious violations for negligence: so please insist to get help, care and attention.

Please be aware that running over an animal without giving your aid or be involved in missing aid to an injured animal is a crime and you may be punished with severe penalties up to 1500 euro.

The ASL will bear the veterinary expenses, so you shouldn’t worry about them.

These information are taken from this guide and from direct experiences: about those latest, I’d like to tell you here under.


I found myself in the very circumstance of helping an injured cat on the road, some weeks ago.

I found him on the wayside, still alive – so whoever hit him must have seen that he was alive – in shock and traumatized.

I was so angry and struggling that it took me a bit, while I was protecting him from the traffic, to recall what to do in these situations.

He is safe now: me and Daniela took care of him, and controlled that he was well cured, until he reached the pet and animal rescue place at APAR, where extraordinary people are looking after him.


It was crazy how difficult has been to find information on what to do in these circumstances. No clear advise or direction was given from most of the people that was supposed to know what and how to do to help the kitty.

In some cases, people told me that I needed to take care my self of the kitty, otherwise he will be abandoned: that is crazy.

I mean, I surely did it, but the majority of people unfortunately doesn’t share my deep love for animals and cats, so if you say to the average person “you should take the animal at your place, spend money (a lot of money, because in Italy we don’t have a national health care system for animals) and face all the problems alone” this average person would abandon the animal instead.

So please, be informed on what to do when you find an injured animal, in Italy or in your Country, because I’m 99% sure that your Institutions have designed standard procedures to help citizens to face those situations.

And be aware, pay attention on what those Institutions do and how they treat animals in their custody.

Here under you can see the only picture we have at this moment of Mollito (my boyfriend name him like this because when we took him at the clinic, he tried to jump away like a spring, which in Italian is called “molla”, so Mollito is kind of “little spring”): we snap it just to let Daniela see how beautiful and nice the kitty was. I hope I’ll have some time next days to go see him at the pet shelter and make some pics of him, to cherish his little face in our memories.


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