How to Start Running without Giving In – Some Tips

Some month ago I was searching too some tips and hints on how to start running, after ages of inactivity: those 7 km a day with my bike started to become easy and I wanted to start to burn some more calories.

I always had a bad vibe with running, just because the majority of the programs are created for standards that don’t fit me well and, since I was a teen, even when I jogged and ran regularly, I found it boring, heavy, tiring and annoying.

Meanwhile, anyway, something has changed: I learnt some tricks that seems quite silly but helped me so much, and I hope they might do the same for you.

I’m going to split this little guide for lazy bums in chapters, so it might be easier to read:

Tiny inspiration: I really always hated to run (unless it was for playing with my little friend down the street, when I was a child: then I loved it), I never had a great endurance or breath. Physically speaking, I think I’m more on short and strong exertions than marathons. I mean, everything was against me.

If you consider then that for many reasons I didn’t practiced any physical activity since I was 16 and that I mistreated my metabolism and muscles in many ways, that I’m very very tall, so my joints aren’t the happiest ever, and with some overweight gained during the last workaholic years and having quit smoking and some very stressful periods… well, I had tons of reasons and excuses for not event try.


But I tried. I failed. I took information. I listened to my self. I let my self being able to reach my goals.

And now I can easily do 7 km in less than an hour with intervals – I know that it’s not so much for expert runners (Luca make 10 km in an hour and he trained less than me), but for someone who believed to have the athletic attitude of aged sloth, it’s a success!

how to start running

One good picture of me, as an athlete. ©blueskystudios

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