How To Start Running Step 2 – The Right Clothes

You can’t go training without wear the right clothes to run: here’s some things that I learnt about how to dress for run.

When I was 15, unless you were in some agonistic setting, you didn’t go to buy sportswear in dedicated shops. Instead it’s really really important to wear clothes that let your body sweat, while being warm and let you move freely.

how to dress for run

Pictures via Pinterest

If you’re, like me, afraid to spend a lot of money without being sure that you’ll be keep on training, you might start with buying just one piece for type (one shirt, one pair of pants, etc.), taking advantage of sales and discounts, and then you might enlarge your sportswear wardrobe step by step, when you’ll be sure of your enthusiasm.

For women, absolutely, the right bra: it might be the thing that makes the difference between going on and quit after thirty seconds of running.

And if you’re a fashion victim, you might want to take a look at this pinterest page too. ^_^


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