How To Start Running Step 1 – Find Your Fitness App

A fitness app is, to me, the first and fundamental step to start running: it can make the difference between giving up immediately and resisting till you get over the first unpleasant feelings.

One of the things that made me easy begin to run is having a voice that tells me what to do and when.

Also, basically all this apps have the ability to play music while you’re training (I’m using Spotify lately, though – I start one playlist there and then set the training program on the other app – which works very well even in random mode).

runtastic app run


There apps with more or less features, but the important to start is to possibility to create intervals. What’s intervals? These are just frames of time with different intensity and rhythm of training, for example:

30 seconds run – 40 seconds walk / repeated for x times

This will allow you to concentrate on movements and on your training without having to worry about timing and reducing the risk of getting injured.


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