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Palm Oil: Veg But Not Vegan – Is It Bad?

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How To Start Running Step 1 – Find Your Fitness App

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Pasta with Chickpeas – A Delicious “Poor” Dish

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How to Start Running without Giving In – Some Tips

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Crumble with Pears, Chocolate and Cinnamon – Vegetarian, Easy and Quick Recipe

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Pasta and Lentils – A Perfect Recipe for Winter

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Gli Aromi by Russino and the Origins of Sicilian Cuisine

Last June, after having spent years in total commitment to my job / activity / work / passion / career, we finally managed to get some rest and go on holiday. We chose Sicily as our destination. We had a narrow budget and not so many days – I had to posticipate my dream tour of Sicily once again – so we planned aView full post »

Mollito: about Italian animal welfare

A guide on what to do when you find an injured animal on the road and our recent experience with Mollito, a stray kitty rescued from a bad bad situation.View full post »