Pepe Azzurro was conceived in March 2014 and born in August.

It was already dead in October, I just didn’t want to accept that.

Unfortunately it is not possible for me, alone, to take care of Pepe Azzurro like it deserves, to walk it through the path I imagined for it, to become an established and living thing, capable of creativity and inspiration.

And, after discussing for months, it is now time to take a decision: I do not want to keep this blog, where I invested a lot, pending there like we forgot about it, like we don’t believe in it anymore, because it is not true.

Pepe Azzurro has been an enlightening experience.

It will stay as portfolio, to testify an idea, a good idea, with infinite possibilities, which has been not nourished enough, despite our efforts.

Pepe Azzurro helped me to better know myself, what I have been and what I want to be. But most of all, what I don’t want to be.

Pepe Azzurro convinced me that some intuitions can be good and showed me that, if you work hard and you believe in what you do, you get your result. And also the opposite.

It also demonstrated to me again that you can’t do everything by yourself, so you have to learn to choose carefully which kind of people you want around you.

Through Pepe Azzurro we encountered people and things that have really inspired me, aimed to a sustainable and modern way of life, which I try to follow and towards which I hope many would aspire soon too.

We also bumped into short-sighted, old habits and clichés, which, I believe, are perhaps the cause of many contemporary issues that afflict our reality.

But, beside the wrong people in the wrong places, there are also so many brilliant and enthusiastic minds, upright and capable, with a contagious will to improve themselves, to learn, to teach and to share.

Switching from the pressure for consuming to the pressure to develop the inner self was one of the values that I wanted to convey through this blog.

This project has been a goldmine of experience, validations and new consciousness.

I hope, one day, there will be a new chapter of this little cute blog, full of care, hopes and expectations.

Meanwhile thanks, to all, for everything.